Knife Sharpeners

Commercial Sharpeners


    The Ultimate Powered Knife Sharpener

    The professional Chef & Butchers' choice of commercial knife sharpener. Designed with one purpose in mind, to produce exceptional knife cutting performance in a matter of seconds. Edges stay sharper for longer.

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    £689.00 +VAT

Commercial Sharpeners


    The Professional Knife Sharpeners System of Choice

    The Professional Knife Sharpener & larger abattoirs' system of choice.  Capable of re-edgineering(!) up to 500+ knives a day and each blade in a matter of seconds, not minutes.  Simple to use & minimal training required to enable anyone to produce knives with the ultimate balance of exceptional cutting performance & durability.

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    £3,300.00 +VAT


    The V-100 enables the user to hollow grind & also adjust the grind angles.  This...

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    £7,700.00 +VAT

Domestic Sharpeners


    The Ultimate Domestic Knife Sharpener

    The CATRAHONE is designed to repair, sharpen & hone knives in a matter of minutes.  Simple to use, CATRA designed the Ultimate powered knife sharpener for the domestic market.  Maintain perfect edges for every carving, slicing and dicing task

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    £99.00 +VAT