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  • What is CBN?

    CBN stands for Cubic Boron Nitride. Our Catrasharp knife sharpeners have small replaceable grinding wheels that are coated in highly abrasive CBN. Knives sharpened with CBN spiral wheels can have up to twice the cutting edge life of knives sharpened on conventional wheels or belts as they don’t overheat and therefore soften the first 2 – 5 microns of the edge. The high temperature resistance of CBN also means no water is required to cool the knives whilst sharpening.

  • Does my product have a Warranty / Guarantee?

    Yes – all our products, test equipment and knife sharpeners have a Guarantee for a year from the date of purchase against electrical and mechanical defects in materials & workmanship. Repairs or part replacement required as a result of such defects will be made free of charge during this period. Proof of purchase must be provided. Full details on our Guarantee, can be requested through the contact form.