Commercial Knife Sharpeners


    The Ultimate Powered Knife Sharpener

    The chef and butchers' choice of knife sharpener. Designed with one purpose in mind: to produce exceptional knife cutting performance in a matter of seconds.

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    £699.00 +VAT

    CATRA I-100

    The Professional Knife Sharpener's System of Choice

    The professional knife sharpener and larger abattoirs' system of choice. Capable of restoring up to 500 knives a day. With minimal training required, anyone can produce knives with exceptional cutting performance and durability.

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    £3,200.00 +VAT

    CATRA V-100

    The Fully Adjustable Knife Sharpener

    This unit can sharpen to inclusive angles of 0° to as large as 60°. The V-100's variability coupled with our CBN wheels make it one of the most powerful sharpeners in the commercial sector.

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    £7,600.00 +VAT