Domestic Knife Sharpeners


    The Ultimate Domestic Knife Sharpener

    The CATRAHONE is designed to repair, sharpen and hone your knives. Quick and simple to use, you can now maintain perfect edges for every carving, slicing and dicing task in the kitchen.

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    £99.00 +VAT

Commercial Knife Sharpeners


    The Ultimate Powered Knife Sharpener

    The chef and butchers' choice of knife sharpener. Designed with one purpose in mind: to produce exceptional knife cutting performance in a matter of seconds.

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    £699.00 +VAT

    CATRA I-100

    The Professional Knife Sharpener's System of Choice

    The professional knife sharpener and larger abattoirs' system of choice. Capable of restoring up to 500 knives a day. With minimal training required, anyone can produce knives with exceptional cutting performance and durability.

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    £3,200.00 +VAT

    CATRA V-100

    The Fully Adjustable Knife Sharpener

    This unit can sharpen to inclusive angles of 20° to as large as 60°. The V-100's variability coupled with our CBN wheels make it one of the most powerful sharpeners in the commercial sector.

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    £7,600.00 +VAT



    Easy Measurement of Edge Angles for the Enthusiast

    The Hobbi-Goniometer is the simplest solution to measuring inclusive blade edge angles for the knife enthusiast.

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    £83.00 +VAT

    Knife Goniometer – Portable

    An Accurate and Simple Solution to Edge Angle Measurement and Condition Assessment

    The Portable Laser Goniometer (PLG) is an accurate instrument for measuring edge angle geometry and condition. The slide system ensures positional accuracy of the blade along the centre axis. The focused laser also enables other bevels and facets to be identified.

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    £562.00 +VAT

    Knife Goniometer

    Designed for use in manufacturing Quality Control facilities and test houses.

    The Laboratory Laser Goniometer is the most accurate system to determine blade edge geometry. Knives, utility blades, scalpels and doctor blades can all be quickly assessed for edge angle condition.

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    £2,783.00 +VAT