Replacement Wheels

    CATRASHARP Replacement Wheels

    Pair of replacement sharpening wheels for the CATRASHARP. The standard wheels are coated with CBN...

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    £148.00 +VAT

    CATRA i-100 Replacement Wheels

    Pair of sharpening wheels for the CATRA i-100 and CATRA V-100. The standard wheels are...

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    £499.00£750.00 +VAT

Tool Kits


    Tool kit for replacing the 50mm-diameter wheels on the CATRASHARP. Includes: Wheel bracket, to prevent...

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    £14.50 +VAT

    CATRA i-100 Tool Kit

    Tool kit for replacing the 100mm-diameter wheels on the CATRA i-100. Includes: Wheel bracket, to...

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    £45.00£46.00 +VAT

    CATRA i-100 Drive Belt

    Replacement timing belt

    Replacement drive belt for the CATRA i-100, also known as a timing belt. It is...

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    £28.00 +VAT