Accurate & Simple Solution to Edge Angle Measurement & Condition Assessment

Portable Laser Goniometer Mk2

£535.00 +VAT

£535.00 +VAT

The Portable Laser Goniometer is the ideal solution for checking the grind angle on your knives.  It’s 90mm diameter ring makes it suitable for a wide range of knives, utility blades and finer edges such as scalpels.  The hand-held unit is accurate to +/- 1 degree (width of laser spot) and in lower light conditions it is also possible to see the secondary bevel angles and determine if the edge is blunt.

The blade mount has 2 bevels for flat blades & those with an offset of 10 degrees.  The slide system is designed for accurate uses 2 Neodimium magnets on both sides to hold the blades securely in place.

Laser Focused 1 Mw Laser
Accuracy (Beam Width on centre line at circumference) +/- 1 degree on centre of beam
Max. Blade Width 35mm

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