CATRA I-100 Replacement Wheels

£499.00£750.00 +VAT

£499.00£750.00 +VAT

Pair of sharpening wheels for the CATRA I-100 and CATRA V-100.

The standard wheels are coated with CBN abrasive to produce a knife cutting angle of 30°, 40°, 50° or 60°.

Four grades of CBN abrasive are available: CBN 76, 126*, 151 and 181.

Select the desired cutting angle and CBN grade from the drop-down menus.

*CBN 126 is the standard grade that comes with the I-100 and V-100.

Compatibility CATRA I-100 & CATRA V-100
CBN Grades 76, 126, 151 & 181
Profile Tapered Leading Edge
Optional Profile Square-Face Leading Edge (contact CATRA for details)

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