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£3,200.00 +VAT

£3,200.00 +VAT

The CATRA I-100 is designed for high volume knife sharpening businesses and large abattoirs.

20-30 seconds is all it takes to produce knife edges with exceptional cutting performance. The I-100 is fitted with CBN 126 wheels as standard. A range of alternative wheel dimensions are available to give cutting angles of 30°, 40°, 45° and 50°. They are also available in a range of CBN grits, including 76, 126, 151 and 181. The in case of CBN grit sizes, the smaller the number the finer the grade and surface finish of the knife.


The grinding wheels for the I-100 can be recoated several times over and a recoating service is available. The normal turnaround time for a pair of wheels to be recoated is 3 weeks from receipt at CATRA.


CATRA I-100 Replacement Wheels

£499.00£750.00 +VAT

Sharpened Angle 30° inclusive, as per specified geometry of wheels (±2°)
Grinding Wheel Diameter 100mm
Motor 230V or 110V, 375W
Noise level < 83 dBA
Size 300mm x 300mm x 250mm - IP 54 rated (spray proof)
Weight 19 kg
Plug Type Supplied with either UK, USA or Europe plug as required

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