The Ultimate Powered Knife Sharpener


£689.00 +VAT

£689.00 +VAT

The Professional’s Choice

Proven to give the sharpest & most durable blade edges

Fast and easy to use, our CATRASHARP powered knife sharpener will produce one of the sharpest and more consistent blade edges. The user just needs to plug in and sharpen.

  • Safe to use with no open moving parts.
  • Very fast and easy to use – less than 15 seconds per knife.
  • Easy to clean & maintain.
  • Suitable for all length and styles of knives.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Sturdy aluminium & stainless-steel construction.
  • Smallest machine of the commercial range of sharpeners produced by CATRA.
  • 110v or 220-240v systems are available with the power plug based on your chosen delivery destination.
  • The unit can also be supplied with a marinized coating if it is being used in sea spray environments (call or e-mail for details).




CATRASHARP i-50 Replacement Sharpener Wheels

£120.00 +VAT


£14.50 +VAT

Sharpened Angle 30° inclusive angle (15°/ side)
Grinding Wheel Diameter 50mm (2″)
Motor 240 or 110 volts (please specify)
Noise Level < 82 dBa (whisper quiet)
Size 320mm x 140mm x 120mm (shoe box size)
Weight 5Kg
Plug Type UK, EU, US, AUS/NZ

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James Bennett

West Heaton Old Hillside Road

Fantastic product - very quiet and simple to use. It was dispatched very quickly and arrived next day. The courier did want someone to receive product and wouldn’t leave on porch. In terms of results, very impressed indeed. I have sharpening stones but they take ages and I never get round to it- with the Catrasharp it takes no time as all and has transformed my global knives and they are now great to use again. Brilliant and very much recommend

Barry Spencer

23 Reynolds Wharf, Coalport, Telford, TF8 7HU

The three stage process puts an excellent edge on the knife. Another 60 seconds on the strop and you have a shaving sharp edge. Brilliant. If your knife has a bolster it doesn’t sharpen the last 1/2 inch or so. Not a problem for deer stalkers as you only use this part of the knife for taking the legs off. Overall a brilliant product.

Nicholas Evans

Sheffield, Sth Yorks United Kingdom

"Like many amateur cooks, I have about every knife sharpening device available which says it all. I now have a single unit that replaces them all and only wish I had bought one when I first read about the product. A few details. 1. The unit is almost silent in use, always a good sign when you have moving wheels. 2. It works, it really does what it says. 3. Its cheap, certainly a lot cheaper than all the other sharpeners I have put in the bin. 4. It comes from Sheffield, from people who really understand knives. Good knives are expensive and need to be looked after, this unit does just that. Its about to be passed around some friends whom I know will want to buy once they have tried it. A fabulous, undersold and wonderful knife sharpener. Just buy one."


Notts United Kingdom

"I ordered a Catrahone yesterday and have used it today with superb results ,I have been trying to sharpen good quality knives for 50 years and have at last succeeded in getting a sharp edge on them, they are like new now ."



Fantastic product. Amazingly fast delivery across the World. Am buying another for Xmas present!!

Piet Cassin

Whakatane Bay Of Plenty, Bay Of Plenty New Zealand

Purchase Review

The actual transaction was great and the product turned up at our border very promptly. The only critism i could make was actual buying process in your eshop it wasnt absolutely clear about what was being purchased. For example after researching your product i noted you had different grinders that is a fine one for meat/fish etc and a coarserone but no options were offered. i tried at the time also to buy a spare set of grinders but found that process difficult so gave up. Please note though i am very happy with the product i recieved.

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