The Fully Adjustable Knife Sharpener


£7,600.00 +VAT

£7,600.00 +VAT

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The CATRA V-100 enables the user to hollow grind and adjust the grind angles. This is ideally suited for high-volume knife sharpening businesses where hollow grinding lets you get the maximum life from the knife, while being able to adjust the grind angle for specific applications.

Typically, chef knives and those used in the commercial kitchens will use a 30° tip angle for optimum slicing efficiency. Blades that require a chopping action, however, use 40° and above as this is more appropriate for improving edge durability.

Using a hand-held goniometer, such as our ‘Hobbi-Goniometer’ or Portable Laser Goniometer, will ensure you have the correct grind angle set.



CATRA I-100 Replacement Wheels

£499.00£750.00 +VAT

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